tpo roofing

a cost-effective
roof system

TPO’s attractive pricing options and competitive benefits make it the most well-known roofing system. While this commercial roofing option may not be as long-lasting as our other roofing systems, TPO’s customizable color pallet, variety of installation methods, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness provides the value many of our clients are looking for.

Attributes of a tpo Roofing System


With recommended maintenance and a quality installation your TPO roof system can perform for many years.


Warranties up to 25 years are achievable by following manufacturer specifications.

Chemical Resistance

TPO roofing systems are resistant to some chemicals and natural contaminants.

UV Resistance

TPO roofing systems are UV and heat resistant with an energy star rating and come in a variety of customizable reflective color options to help cut down on your energy bill.

Fire Resistance

Like many other single-ply roofing systems, a Class A fire rating can be achieved through many different installation methods.