KEE Elvaloy

The Best of the Best

KEE roofs provide exceptional quality. Elvaloy® Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE) is a high molecular weight polymer used in the manufacturing of certain membranes. The introduction of KEE into the manufacturing process produces increased durability, extends the life of the membrane, and improves overall performance.

It’s safe to say that each of our KEE roofs surpasses the gold star standard and remains our most highly recommended commercial roofing systems.

Attributes of a KEE Roofing System


We work on several KEE roofing membranes that are 30+ years old. KEE roofing is even being impregnated into many PVC membranes to enhance the performance and life cycle of existing PVC roofs.

UV REsistance

Decades under the Texas sun is no match for the brilliantly engineered KEE roofing system. Not only will this system last long with little to no UV damage, but its reflective quality also helps reduce energy bills.

weathering Resistance

With proper maintenance and installation KEE roof systems can withstand all types weather related events, ranging from hail, extreme cold to extreme heat.

chemical resistance 

This extremely durable roof system is resistant to microbial growth, and many chemicals including jet fuels and animal fats.


Warranties up to 25 years are achievable by following manufacturer specifications.


KEE’s high molecular weight provides increased resistance to UV, which translates into the membrane remaining flexible for a longer period of time.