PVC roofing

A Single-Ply Membrane With a Proven Track Record

Like TPO, PVC is a single-ply thermoplastic membrane with heat-welded seams. Although TPO and PVC resemble each other in aesthetics, they are quite different. PVC’s specific chemical make-up has given this membrane a 50-year track record of outperforming TPO and many other membranes.

While it’s price point might be slightly higher than that of our TPO systems, our PVC roofs have proven to many of our clients to be a wise investment. With appropriate maintenance and an outstanding team of roofers, you can trust that your PVC roof will help shield your business and protect your assets for years to come.

Attributes of a PVC Roofing System


Reinforced PVC has been successfully used in the commercial roofing industry for over 45 years. This is one of the reasons consultants and building envelope professionals choose PVC for their roof systems.

UV REsistance

PVC roofing losses very little compound due to UV exposure contributing to the membrane’s longevity.


PVC is one of the most chemical-resistant single-ply roofing systems on the market today. Because of this resistance, PVC is commonly used in restaurants, airports, food processing plants, or where chemicals are present under or near the roof.

fire resistance 

Because of the chlorine in PVC, it is inherently fire resistant proving to perform very well in real-world flame exposure tests.


Warranties up to 25 years are achievable by following manufacturer specifications.

weathering resistance

All RoofMaster installed and maintained PVC roofing systems are impervious to water.