Modified Bitumen Roofing in Dallas, TX

modified bitumenOur favorite roofing system with 30 plus years of proven performance. Billions of square feet of Mod. Bit. roofing has been installed over last three decades with minimal problems.

Modified Bitumen roofing is a built-up roof manufactured in a controlled environment The APP is asphalt blended with a plastizer to make for a slightly elastic but very durable roof surface. The SBS is asphalt blended with a butyl rubber to make for a more elastic membrane. You can choose from a polyester reinforcing membrane (for elasticity) or a fiberglass membrane (high tensile strength).

  • Can be applied in multiple layers for longer life and / or increased durability
  • APP Mod Bit is UV resistant and durable for high foot traffic

Can be installed in a variety of ways to accommodate busy roofs or complicated details:

  • with water-based cold adhesives
  • with/without VOC’s
  • mopped with hot asphalt
  • heat welded into place