Is It Really That Important to Hire Contractors That Carry Workers’ Compensation?

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When you need a roof repaired or a brand-new roof installed on your business, you’ll be tasked with finding a reliable commercial roofing contractor in Dallas, TX. This decision can be tough to begin with, since there are many variables to consider.

One thing people often miss when selecting their roofing contractor is proof of insurance for the company’s workers. Workers’ compensation, in particular, often goes overlooked.

But is workers’ compensation really that important when selecting your roofing contractor? In short, yes, it is.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that business owners are usually required to have. It provides medical benefits and financial compensation to employees if they get injured while on the job. Additionally, workers’ compensation insurance can provide death benefits to an employee’s family should they pass away as a result of their work-related injury or illness.

The business hiring contractors will pay for the workers’ compensation insurance. The rates businesses pay for this insurance will be determined by the type of work being done. Every state requires companies to purchase some form of workers’ compensation insurance, and companies that don’t can face massive penalties if they’re discovered.

While workers’ compensation protects the employee from footing medical expenses as a result of work-related accidents, it protects the company employing them, as well. It can protect the business from being sued by the employee after an accident.

Why is workers’ compensation so important?

Because workers’ compensation primarily deals with protection between the commercial roofing contractor in Dallas, TX and its employees, you may be wondering why proof of this insurance should be important to you. Many business owners consider hiring contractors without insurance because their contracting rates are typically much lower.

However, not verifying workers’ compensation coverage can cost you a large sum of money. Roofing can be a dangerous job, and the potential for accidents is high.

If an uninsured contractor is working on the roof on your property and falls or becomes injured in some way, there’s a chance that you, as the property or business owner, could be sued by that employee. If that contractor is not covered by workers’ compensation, your business is assuming the risks of being injured while on the job. This can result in a payout of thousands or even millions of dollars, potentially damaging or ending your business’s financial stability.

Choose a roofing contractor that protects its employees and clients

When selecting a commercial roofing contractor in Dallas, TX, always be sure to verify that the company and its contractors are covered by workers’ compensation insurance before you allow them to begin work. Although you may have to work with a more expensive company, you’ll be protected from any situations in which your business’s finances are put at risk.

Plus, you’ll know that you are working with a reliable, experienced company that values its workers and their safety. That, on its own, shows the integrity and responsibility of the company you’re hiring.

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