Is It Really That Important to Hire Contractors That Carry Workers’ Compensation?

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When you need a roof repaired or a brand-new roof installed on your business, you’ll be tasked with finding a reliable commercial roofing contractor in Dallas, TX. This decision can be tough to begin with, since there are many variables to consider. One thing people often miss when selecting their roofing contractor is proof of insurance for the company’s workers. Workers’ compensation, in particular, often goes overlooked. But is workers’ compensation really that important when selecting your roofing contractor? In short, yes, it is. What is workers’ compensation? Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that business owners are usually... View Article

Protect Yourself from These Common Roofing Scams!

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Many untrustworthy scammers are looking for the easiest way to make a quick buck, and if you are not careful, you can fall prey to one of their many cons. Roofing is one particular industry in which many scammers look to take advantage of unsuspecting business owners who need to repair their roofs so that their building remains protected and in good condition. If you need a commercial roof inspection in Dallas, TX, it’s important to educate yourself so you’ll be able to see these scams coming from a mile away: Storm chasers: The time after a storm can be... View Article