Repairing Roof Leaks Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

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Fixing a leaking roof can seem like a daunting task. Sure, you know there’s an obnoxious leak that drips incessantly every time it rains, but climbing onto the roof and tracking down the source of the leak is like finding a needle in the haystack. The origin of the leak might be so small it’s next to impossible to detect, or it might not be located anywhere near where the drip seems to be coming from. Luckily, the commercial roof repairs in Dallas, TX that are required to fix a leaky roof don’t have to be a nightmare. Commercial property owners can put a stop to the leak before it causes any more damage by following these steps.

Track down the leak

The first step is to try and locate the leaks. You don’t have to climb on the roof in a raincoat to find the leak while it’s raining—use these tips to find where the leak starts:

  • Work backwards: Leaks usually don’t happen directly underneath where the water is coming in. The water will travel down the slope of the roof until it finds a vulnerable spot. That’s when the dripping starts.
  • Use light: Daytime is the best time to search for a leaky spot. Use a bright light to find and follow any stains or water marks to the source. Call a specialist in commercial roof repairs in Dallas, TX as soon as you find the culprit.
  • Add water: Water can help you find the leak. Have another person head up to the roof with a hose to systematically spray their way across the roof, section by section. While they’re doing this, stand inside of the building and watch for where the water begins to drip. This will mimic a natural storm, so you can witness the effects of wet weather firsthand.
  • Head to the attic: Grab that flashlight and head up to the attic. Use the flashlight to closely examine the underside of the roof. Watch out for any spots that look darker than the rest of the sheathing or any developing mold. If you find either, you’ve found the weak spot.
  • Foreign objects: Many leaks are caused by something piercing the roof, like a nail or a piece of errant trash. You should easily be able to stop these damages just by taking a quick look at the roof.
  • Check the seals: The roof depends on the sealing around the vents to stay dry. Over time, the sealing can begin to gradually wear out, which will allow the water to leak in through the vulnerable point and into the building. Check out the sealing near the roof vents to determine whether this is the cause of the problem.

The experts at Roofmaster Maintenance & Roofing, Inc. can help, whether or not you’ve managed to find the leak on your own. We offer everything from waterproofing and repairs to inspections, new roof installations and commercial roof repairs in Dallas, TX. We specialize in serving commercial and industrial customers, which means you have the peace of mind knowing we have the right services for large-scale roofs. Call us today to learn more!

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