Understanding Standing Seam Roofs

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When it comes to installing a roof on your new commercial building or replacing the existing one, you have many options. An increasingly popular roofing choice among commercial builders is standing seam metal roofing. This type of roofing looks great on a wide variety of buildings and offers numerous benefits, including increased durability and leak prevention.

If you’re looking into getting a new roof, ask your roofing contractors in Dallas, TX if they do standing seam roofing and if it is a good fit for your building. In the meantime, this guide will teach you the basics.

What is standing seam roofing?

Standing seam roofing is composed of long, narrow metal panels running from the roof ridge to the eaves of the building. These panels are often made of galvanized steel and can be painted a variety of colors.

The reason the roofing has its name is because each panel has an upturned edge that sits side-by-side with the adjacent panel. These edges create a series of “standing seams” across the entire roof.

This type of roofing can be installed by roofing contractors in Dallas, TX using a few different types of seam systems. Two of the most popular are field-lock, which requires a seam-locking tool to lock the metal panels together, and snap-lock, which is when the adjoining metal panels snap together.

Standing seam roofing is usually more expensive than other types of roofing, but also lasts much longer and has improved durability, making it a worthwhile investment. Some of the benefits of standing seam roofing include:

  • Customized: Standing seam roofing is fully customized to fit your building since the panels need to fit on the specific dimensions of your roof. Some roofing contractors in Dallas, TX will do their metal work in-house to create the panels for you.
  • Durable: This kind of roofing won’t crack, shrink or erode and can withstand lots of pressure from the natural elements. Most standing seam roofs can last up to 50 years and require little maintenance.
  • Versatile: The metal panels in standing seam roofing can be painted in a wide variety of colors, meaning there are options to match your building’s exterior. The roof style is also very modern looking and interesting to the eye.
  • Prevents leaks: The screws and fasteners are concealed in this roofing style, and the seams are above the flat portion of the roof panels, making this roofing style great for preventing leaks because there are fewer entry points.
  • Sustainable: The metal on these roofs can be recycled, which makes standing seam roofing one of the most environmentally-friendly roofing options available.

If you are interested in installing a standing seam roof on your commercial building, make sure to work with roofing contractors in Dallas, TX who understand standing seam metal roofing and will install it properly. Correct installation is crucial to the durability and leak prevention this roof type can provide.

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